Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Well that went well!

We were approached by Columbia records to direct a 3min clip for the Daft Punk (RAM) album launch at the top of the Shard on the 13th of May. The clip was screened on two large walls as well as various HD screens around the building as a mix of celebs and VIP's entered the venue. We worked closely with MPC London and the very talented Rupert Creswell, who created the clip from scratch in their Motion Graphics studio.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Daft Punk album launch!

We're very proud and honoured to be asked to provide the visuals for the Daft Punk album listening party at a secret location in London on Monday. Look to the skies!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Our Horrors video can be found on the amazing 'Higher' boxset released in March.

Higher features complete re-workings of songs from Skying, using extracts from across the album, as well as the official videos. Consisting of remixes, covers and even wildlife sound recordings, the producers, DJs and friends of the band explore new sonic territory. http://www.xlrecordings.com/news/higheroutnowboxsetannounced

Exclusives on Pitchfork, Clash and Spin for our Chad Valley vid!

Real name Hugo Manuel, Chad Valley has been on our radar for some time. Synth heavy R&B jams with an aching heart, the Oxford producer's sound - somewhere between the New Jack Swing movement and 80s pop - has seen Manuel craft a reputation on both sides of the Atlantic. Late last year Chad Valley finally dropped his debut album. 'Young Hunger' contains some sublime highs, not least a full blown collaboration with Twin Shadow. 'I Owe You This' is all hazy synths and loose limbed beats, wrapping themselves in a melancholic, nostalgic atmosphere. The track has gained an official video, which seems to mirror some of the youthful debauchery and aching nostalgia on display in the music. Following a gang of friends on their nighttime exploits, the group break into a deserted bowling alley before indulging in some youthful antics. Beautifully shot, the whole thing is endowed with an almost painful sense of innocence which matches the gauzy, sunset feel of the music...
Twin Shadow sings as bowling balls levitate Chad Valley's "I Owe You This" featuring Twin Shadow sounds like it was stolen off of a forgotten '80s teen movie soundtrack, and the music video paranormally enhances that vibe. The clip follows a handsome crew of teenagers as they break into a bowling alley after hours to engage in some hijinks: dancing, kissing, dog-piling, the usual. Things get weird when we discover the teens are probably the adolescent cousins of M83's freaky Children of the Corn-esque video triology kids, all glowing orange eyes and windswept hair. Joining hands in a power circle, the gang harness their telekinetic powers to levitate bowling balls and pins around the alley. It's like Project X meets The Craft meets that ridiculous dance scene from The Breakfast Club.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Chad Valley feat Twin Shadow - I owe you this

Here's our new video for Chad Valley feat Twin Shadow.. Enjoy “ We wanted to tell a story of lost youth. Reflect back to the age when you felt like you were invincible. A take on those classic 70’s and 80’s movies but set in 2013” says the pair. In the film a small group of teens break into a bowling alley at night, and once inside they make sure they have a night like no other. White rabbit create a modern day universe reminiscent of those found in cult 80’s teen classics. With creativity, the duo tackles the often restrictive budgets for promos, delivering a stylish and beautiful piece. Somewhat suitably the shoot took place in the very bowling alley used in Superman 3, with the decor almost unchanged since the iconic film. The directors hired Director of Photography Gabi Norland for her elegant lighting and imaginative eye and by using set and art direction they created a nostalgic, atmospheric world which references other tales of young age, such as Buffalo 66 and The Virgin Suicides.